So there’s a Rocket News 24 article where their staff decide to throw a whole Big Mac value meal and some rice in a rice cooker.

This absolutely foul-looking disaster is called Big Mac rice.

I usually avoid attempting to make something like this, but I’m now tempted.

However, a friend of mine currently working in Japan decided call the powers within his 少年魂, and make this monstrosity. Here’s what he had to say about it.

Today I made Big Mac rice according to this article. It actually tastes way better than the fast food by itself!


He also added this little note in his set of pictures.

Since big macs tend to be really dry, this made it taste way better! And the rice absorbs the flavors of everything, like if you cook rice in beef broth or something. it does look kinda gross though lol

Yes it does look kind of gross, but since you did it, I might have to follow suit…

Anyway, I dolled up Sam’s pictures for your viewing pleasure. The link to the Rocket News 24 article is below. Uh. Enjoy, I guess…


Okay, last SpiderVerse post. It’s out today, and I just wanted y’all to see Ian’s colors on the exosuit, and get a look at our very own spider-girl/mech-pilot, Peni Parker.





Mom you can stop stressingMom you can stop cryingMom I can buy the groceriesMom I can pay for the houseMom I can give you whatever the fuck you need money

This is real



Mom you can stop stressing
Mom you can stop crying
Mom I can buy the groceries
Mom I can pay for the house
Mom I can give you whatever the fuck you need money

This is real

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Skyloft Victory » Link

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Some of the Cowboy Bebop references/crossovers in Space Dandy.

1. Bang

2. Vicious’s bird

3. The fridge from The Bebop

4. The use of Woolong as currency

5. Dr. Gel and Jet share facial features

- Let me know any I may have missed!

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Arc System Works + Blonde and Blue

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Link & Zelda Fan Art

Created by Cassio Yoshiyaki - Facebook

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So I decided to go back to Katsu Burger with a friend this evening because their Katsu Curry burger was running through my mind.

"Hey, wait a second though, didn’t that place close?"

Indeed it did, but then it reopened a few days ago, so that was all the more reason to go. I’ve already written about Katsu Burger before, so I won’t say much. Nothing has changed, which is good, because I honestly didn’t think there was any kind of re-vamp needed with their food.

Times have been tough, but Stephanie Kang came in and saved the day. Kang owns Kimchi Amigos in Bellevue, and she decided to pick up the business because, in an article from The Stranger, she states “I could not let the legend go down in history.”

She also plans to open more restaurants.

Anyway, pictured above are the Katsu Curry burger. The name says what it is. A tonkatsu patty with curry sauce and the fixings. Just, instead of being on a bed of rice, it’s between two buns. The fries are also coated with a nori (seaweed) powder to give it that seaweed taste. And the half eaten burger is the ohayou gozaimasu (good morning!) burger, which is a breaded beef patty topped with egg and bacon.

I’m glad that Katsu burger is back and there are plans of expansion. Honestly, I think Georgetown is such a weird spot for a great burger place like Katsu Burger, and with the talks of expansion, I can see a lot of growth potential for this special burger joint.

You can find Katsu Burger in Georgetown, Seattle.